Are you irritated by persistent coughing? Read the remedy here

At the time of change of a season, the foremost feat one may have is a cough and cold. They are known as common diseases during the change of season. In the dry and humid climate as well as cold areas they are normal health issues. The most normal form of ailment is coughing. There is no particular season of a cough to spread like other diseases. A cough can occur anytime when a person eats or drinks a lot of cold stuff. Generally, the symptom of coughing is a constant burning sensation in the throat. If the coughing isn’t taken care of, then it may result in other diseases like tuberculosis or influenza. Many times a person may getinfected witha cough due to Gastroesophageal disease. A cough caused by any manner can be cured much faster by taking natural medicines as compared to allopathic medicines. Few of the natural remedies are mentioned below.


Most people don’t know this, but yes pineapple can help cure coughing. In the roots and stem of pineapple fruit, an enzyme called Bromelain is found which can help cure coughing. This enzyme loosens the mucus in one’s throat and then after a coughis removed from a person’s body. The remedy is pretty simple, a person just needs to eat some slices of pineapple or should drink few glasses of pineapple juice in a day.


Mint leaves are widely acknowledged for their curing characteristics. There is a compound named menthol in the leaves of peppermint which has the ability to loosen the mucus. This remedy can be employed in two ways, either one has to drink peppermint tea or he she has to inhale peppermint by taking a steam bath. The peppermint tea can be prepared very easily by taking a glass of water and pouring it into the bowl. Add some peppermint leaves in the bowl and boil the mixture for few minutes. Once, the water is boiled sufficiently, filter the tea in a cup and drink it.The second method of steam bath is also convenient. Take a bowl of water and add few drops of peppermint oil to it, the mixture shall be heated for some minutes. When the water is boiled and ready, drape a towel on the head and breathe in the steam over the bowl.


Gargling is the simplest way of curing cough. One needs to take a glass of water and pour it into a bowl, then add some salt to it and boil the mixture. It is advisable to boil for 1-2 minutes only. Once the water is boiled the salt water has to be poured into the glass and gargling can be done. Gargling breaks the mucus in the throat and helps to curea cough faster than any other method.

Are you irritated by persistent coughing? Read the remedy here

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Thyme tea

Some people prefer to have thyme tea as a cough treatment. Thyme leaves contain flavonoid compound which can relax the throat muscles involved in coughing. Flavonoid compound also helps soothe the throat burning sensation.

Lori Silva